Boom Mowers

Made for all of those hard-to-reach cutting applications, the Hydraulic Boom Rotary mower is built for tractors with 100 horsepower or more and can cut brush and debris up to 2” in diameter! If you’re fencerows need cleaning, get the Rhino Hydraulic Boom mower!

The mechanical drive allows this mower to reach speeds up to 1000 RPM, and cut debris up to 2” in diameter! The Infinity-Cast blade is protected from wear and tear by Rhino’s slip-clutch system. For a higher-speed, lower-profile mower, look no further than the Rhino Mechanically- Driven Ditch Bank!

The DB150 utilizes a 60 gallon hydraulic system to power the 60” rotary cutter head, keeping it cooler than most smaller systems. This Rhino can reach out to 158”, or over 13 feet from the center line, to cut hard to reach areas. The cutter head operates to an 85˚ down angle and up to 90˚ angle to the ground to trim fence lines or road side overgrowth. Transport is easy when retracted to 119” taking this Rhino to places only it can eat.

  • Brand NewHolland
  • brand boss
  • brand intimidator
  • brand spartan
  • toro
  • brand rhinoag
  • brand woods
  • brand berlon
  • brand kuhnsmfg
  • brand ez trail
  • brand husqvarna