New Holland CR7090

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CR Series combines benefit from the clean power and performance of FPT Industrial Cursor 9, 10 and 13 engines with ECOBlue™ SCR technology for Tier 4A-compliance.

CR Series combines feature a significantly upgraded feeding system that enhances its already highly efficient operation. New Holland increased feeder housing strength and increased lift capacity significantly to ensure maximum reliability and performance, even with the very largest headers. New Holland has also improved service access, reduced service requirements, increased reversing force and increased lateral float angle. Four feeder chains with connecting slats are standard on the largest CR combine models - the CR8090 and CR9090 - for maximum durability, and improved crop flow and feeding to the Twin Rotors®.

New Holland introduces another industry-first: a choice between two stone protection systems that prevent costly stone damage and downtime. CR Series combines are available with the well proven Advanced Stone Protection™ system or the Dynamic Stone Protection (DSP) system.

New Holland invented the Twin Rotor® concept over 35 years ago and has refined this evolving technology so that it delivers unsurpassed efficiency, capacity and grain quality. It’s also a design that is extremely flexible, making it easy to adapt a CR combine to suit crops, conditions, operations and preferences.

New CR Series combines deliver the industry’s cleanest grain sample, hands down. How? It’s the world’s most advanced cleaning system. The entire cleaning system - the grain pan, cleaning fan and sieves - remain level while the lower main frame follows the ground contours. This allows grain to always remain level for maximum cleaning efficiency and it allows you to operate in many different crops and conditions with minimal adjustments.

CR Series combines feature large grain tanks - from 315 to 410 bushels - the perfect match for high Twin Rotor capacity. For even greater capacity and convenience, chose electronically folding grain tank covers to expand grain tank capacity to 326 bushels, for less frequent unloading and more time spent harvesting. You activate the covers from the comfort of the cab.

The Harvest Suite™ cab leads the industry in size and windshield area, providing more comfort, better visibility and superior harvest control. The CR combine cab is called the Harvest Suite because if offers 110 cubic feet of space, with more usable room in all directions, including headroom, legroom and space behind the seat. The curved, tinted windshield delivers an uncompromised view to front and sides. New Holland's longer feederhouse design provides for an outstanding view of both the head and the after-cut. The wide inspection window at the rear of the cab allows for easy checks of the grain tank level and grain quality.

You can order a CR combine factory-equipped with SmartTrax™ rubber tracks to improve your productivity. Not only do SmartTrax offer superior traction in damp and muddy conditions, they decrease soil compaction to enhance soil fertility. SmartTrax offer 60% less soil compaction compared to 520/85R42 duals. Yet you get a turning radius that’s comparable to a 900/60R32 single-wheeled machine. With +/- 10-degree oscillation, SmartTrax moves easily over levees, swales and ditches to keep you moving in uneven terrain. And, tracks are tensioned automatically when you raise the header to full height or swing the unloading auger out or in - how’s that for convenience? Additional time-saving features: 21-mph road speed - fast travel between fields No grease zerks - no daily maintenance required.


Combine Class
Combine Class  7
Grain Header
Cutting width - 72C direct-cut rigid cutterbar auger ft. (m) 25 & 30 (7.62 & 9.15)
Cutting width - 740CF direct-cut SuperFlex cutterbar auger ft. (m) 20-35 (6.10-10.67)
Cutting width - 760CG Varifeed™ rigid cutterbar auger ft. (m) 30 & 35 (9.15 & 10.67)
Cutting width - 790CP windrow pickup ft. (m) 12 & 15 (3.66 & 4.57)
Cutting width - 880CF SuperFlex cutterbar draper ft. (m) 30-40 (9.15-12.19)
Cutting width - 840CD rigid draper head ft. (m) 25-40 (7.62-12.19)
Corn Headers
980CR rigid corn head (rows) 6, 8, 12
980CF folding corn head (rows)
Automatic Header Control Systems
Terrain Tracer™ system Standard
Autofloat™ system Standard
Straw Elevator
Number of chains 3
ASP™ system (Advanced Stone Protection) Standard
Dynamic Stone Protection™ system Optional
Fixed feeder drive Standard
Variable feeder drive Optional
Harvest Suite™ Cab Volume
Harvest Suite™ Cab Volume [ft.³ (m³)] 62.3 (5.8)
IntelliView™ IV monitor with adjustable position Standard
ACS (Automatic Crop Settings) Standard
Air-conditioning and coolbox Standard
Automatic climate control Standard
MP3 radio Optional
New Holland Precision Land Management Systems
IntelliSteer™ ready automatic guidance system Standard
IntelliCruise™ system Optional
Full precision farming package including Yield measuring and moisture measuring, D-GPS yield mapping Optional
Full precision farming package including Desktop software and software support service Optional
Twin Rotor® Technology
S³ rotors Standard
Twin Pitch rotors Optional
Rotor diameter [in. (mm)] 17 (432)
Rotor length [in. (mm)] 104 (2632)
Adjustable rotor vanes Optional
Self-levelling cleaning shoe Standard
Enhanced aggressive shake shoe cleaning system Standard
Total sieve area under wind control [in.² (m²)] 8,370 (5.4)
Graintank and Unloading
Graintank manual folding extensions [bushels (l)] 315 (11,100)
Graintank electric folding cover [bushels (l)] 326 (11,500)
Unloading speed [bu/sec (l/sec)] 3.7 (126)
Engine* Compliant with Tier 4 Emissions Regulations
Engine* Compliant with Tier 4 Emissions Regulations (l) FPT Cursor 9 (8.7)*
ECOBlue™ SCR system (Selective Catalytic Reduction) Standard
Gross engine power @ 2100 rpm [(CV) HP] 408
Maximum engine power @ 2000 rpm [(CV) HP] 449
Approved biodiesel blend** B20
Engine blow off system Optional
Fuel Tank
Diesel capacity [gal. (l)] 200 (750)
AdBlue capacity [gal. (l)] 32 (120)
Differential lock Optional
Road transport speed (20 mph) Standard
Road transport speed (25 mph) Optional
Factory installed SmartTrax™ system Optional
Residue Management
Integrated straw chopper Standard
PSD™ (Positive Straw Discharge) belt Optional
Opti-Spread™ residue management
Weight - Standard version less header and less strawchopper [lbs. (kg)] 35,480 (16,093)
Dimensions with traction wheels / tracks*** 900/60 R32
Wheelbase [ft. (m)] 12' 4" (3.76)
Maximum height - transport [ft. (m)] 13' (3.96)
Maximum width [ft. (m)] 13' (3.96)
Maximum width - transport [ft. (m)] 10' 10" (3.3)
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