Intimidator 1000cc Kohler® Diesel

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The Intimidator roll cage is built and manufactured according to ROHVA Compliance Testing.


All Intimidators are equipped with a hood to easily access wiring, fuses, headlights and the radiator.


The hood is made out of High Impact Acrylic ABS Multi-layer Laminate.  This material was designed to live in the sun and offer the highest quality, high gloss vehicle surface offering many years of external use due to its high UV resistance.  The material consists of 5 layers.  The top layer is clear Acrylic which is virtually impervious to UV light.   It is also very hard which makes it scratch resistant and allows owners to buff out minor scratches.  The second layer is the color layer which uses inorganic pigments to provide many years of color stability.  The third layer is the stabilized low gel ABS which gives the surface its smooth appearance.  The fourth layer is high impact ABS, which is an engineered plastic with high heat stability and good impact.  The fifth layer is a thin bonding layer.  The color permeates all the way through the hood so regardless of how deep and abrasion is, the correct color will show.


Light Up the night and stay safe with the Intimidator XD4 Package.  Among other items, the XD4 Packages comes with High-beam and Regular headlights; all conveniently controlled on the steering column.  (Disclaimer:  UTV's equipped with XD4 Package will not make your Intimidator street legal.  Intimidator's are designed and titled as offroad vehicles.)


Easily mount your winch with our built-in winch mounting plate.  It is welded into the frame to be strong and secure.


Handling the hard stuff!  Intimidator is the first UTV to feature automotive-precision and quality, 10.25" slip-on brake rotors with dual piston calipers.  The four-wheel independent suspension has extra-long dual A-Arms to absorb harsh and bumpy terrain.  Adjustable for a comfortable ride under any load demands, the go-anywhere 6-ply 27" tires with 14" aluminum alloy rims have up to 10" of up and down shock-absorbing wheel travel on each wheel.


Adjustable for a comfortable ride under any load demand, the go-anywhere 6-ply 27" tires with 14" aluminum alloy rims have up to 10" of up and down shock-absorbing wheel travel on each wheel.


Intimidator Utility Vehicles come standard with underbelly metal skid plates to protect their guts.


The Intimidator 4x4 Utility Vehicle feature premium bench seats, tilt steering, turn signal and available horn on XD4 Upgrade.  Bad Dawg Accessories brings our customers the best quality accessory items the side-by-side market has to offer.  Many of their products are manufactured in-house, and others are developed with partners, who are leaders in the after-market industry.


1000cc Kohler® Diesel - Our 3 cylinder diesel engine offers the most displacement in its class.  The CVT housing has an internal fan that does two things: 1) It keeps the belt cooler to prolong it's life and 2) When paired with sealed CVT housing, it prevents water leaks that could cause belt slippage.


High Molecular Weight Polyethylene was chosen for the floor, front cabin wall, seat sides, fender flades, bedside panels, and tailgate.  These are the parts closest to the ground that will come into contact with brush, rocks, snow, ice, etc.  The material was chosen because of its superior stress crack resistance and extreme resistance to impact, even at extremely cold temperatures.  Most plastic becomes more brittle in icy conditions, this material has about the same impact strength at -40° F as it does at room temperature.


CORE COMPONENTS 1000cc Kohler® Diesel
Frame Powder Coated Fusion-Bonded Solid Steel Bridge Frame
Body Automotive Quality Acrylic Plastic
Front Tires 27x10x14 - 6 ply
Rear Tires 27x12x14 - 6 ply
Wheels 14'' Wheels
Front & Rear Suspension Dual A - Arm Independent
Steering Rack and Pinion
Braking System 4 Wheel Hydraulic Disc
Parking System 2 Wheel Gear Lock
Seating Two Sets of Three Forward Facing Occupant Bench Seat
Bed Dump Manual with Gas Assist
Cargo Bed Space 36x56.5x13
Auxiliary Power 12 Volt Auxiliary Plug
Hitch 2'' Receiver Standard
Fuel Capacity 9 Gallons
Warranty 1 year bumper to bumper, 3 year engine
Engine Approx. 24HP Kohler Diesel Engine
Bore X Stroke 75 mm X 77.6 mm
Compression Ratio 22.8:1
Displacement 1000cc
Carburetor Fuel Injection (glow plug assisted)
Final Drive Shaft Driven
Automatic CVT Low/Hi/Neutral/Reverse/Park
Drive System 2WD, Electronic 4WD Selection
Cooling Liquid Pump Circulation with Electric Fan
Starting Electric Start
Fuel Type Diesel (meets ASTM D-975-1D or 2D, EN590, or equivalent)
Engine Oil Type SAE15-40W Engine Lubricant
Speed Up To 35 MPH
Length 149''
Width 63''
Height 78''
Wheelbase 111''
Frame Clearance 12''
Suspension Travel 10'' Total Suspension Travel
Curb Weight 1952 lbs
GVWR 3300 Lbs.
Cargo Bed Capacity 1200 Lbs.
Vehicle Payload 1348 Lbs.
Towing Capacity 2100 Lbs.
Protection 1.75'' Diameter Tubing Five Piece ROPS
Front Protection 1.75'' Diameter Tubing Bumper/Brush Guard
Passenger Restraints 3 Point DOT Approved Restraint Belts
Shift Indicator 5 Position Gear Indicator
Headlights Standard on Every Unit
Brake/Tail Lights Standard on Every Unit
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