Head Haulers

A Risk Management Tool

Moving wide grain heads doesn't need to be hazardous or worrisome. It can be as safe and easy as towing a legal width trailer on the road, across bridges, and through farm gates. With a Head Hauler, tight corners and low roof areas can be utilized for convenient inside storage.

Don't take a chance...safety is no accident!
Sizes We Carry, Available in Green or Red:
E-Z Trail Head Haulers are available in 5 sizes: 21', 26', 31', 37' & 42', as well as a model for Draper heads. They are designed to fit all brands and models of combine grain and corn heads. Standard features like extendable "E-Z Hitch" tongue with spring lift assist, lifetime accurate trailing, and wrench-free quick adjusting of the upper rail & rests at no extra cost...help you move ahead at a price that won't set you back!

  • Brand NewHolland
  • brand boss
  • brand intimidator
  • brand spartan
  • toro
  • brand rhinoag
  • brand woods
  • brand berlon
  • brand kuhnsmfg
  • brand ez trail
  • brand husqvarna